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The Great Kitty Rescue!

Shiloh, the new resident kitty at Bailey Manor, was chased up a tree by a raccoon while on Kitty Patrol chasing leaves in the breeze.  Of course, being a cat, she thought she could come back down whenever she felt like it.  And also, of course, being a cat, Shiloh believes the world operates on her time schedule with her priorities being the most important.  It took Shiloh a little bit to realize that maybe this time she wasn’t exactly right and felt she’d be more comfortable on the ground.  So, KT Bigelow came to the rescue and got Shiloh safely down, promising a big fat bowl of Kitty Crunchies when she was back at sea level. No harm done except to Shiloh’s pride.  And Bailey Manor came through on that promise.  There’s nothing like a satisfying dish of crunchy cat food after a Kitty Adventure! Oh….Shiloh says to tell KT thanks next time anyone sees her.          

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