Dr. Binder’s Testimonial

Bailey Manor on Bainbridge Island should be a top option for anyone looking for a home for an elderly person who needs assisted living, including during the final stage of life. My Mother lived at Bailey Manor for the last 7 months of her life, and it was an absolute godsend.

My Mother’s needs revolved around several issues:  safety and individualized care as she moved toward the end of her life; a predictable and reasonable monthly cost; and truly compassionate people who would pay attention and do what they could to brighten and lighten her life. On Bainbridge Island this is virtually impossible to find, and options are limited. We moved my Mother out of an assisted living facility on the island because it, frankly, could not meet those needs. While some individual caretakers brought enormous personal warmth and attention to my Mother at the facility, the organization itself was run in a way that did not reflect much personal care for the residents, but seemed mostly concerned about maximizing revenue and minimizing liability.

Marti and Rob Bailey are like guardian angels for their residents. The obvious personal, daily attention that they bring to each resident, and the expectations they set for staff to provide compassionate and creative attention to each person, are exceptional. They thought of many little extras, partnered with me to learn what would please my Mom and bring happiness into her life, and spent a lot of time 1:1 with her, truly becoming her friends. Because scheduling, diet, and other arrangements can be adjusted to the individual needs and preferences of residents, Bailey Manor was able to provide care in ways that larger “institutional” facilities could not. And the transition during the last few months from significant assisted living to the equivalent of nursing care, in partnership with the Hospice of Kitsap County, was smooth and did not produce the astronomical fee increases that a la carte assisted living facilities usually demand.

I would, without any hesitation, recommend Bailey Manor as a top choice for assisted living and end-of-life care on Bainbridge Island. You should definitely check them out.

Dr. Carl Binder, Bainbridge Island, WA

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