Holistic Medicine Session in March Wholly Informative!

Kieran Jones, L.Ac., MTCM, visited in March for our Power Hour lecture series, bringing us some fascinating information in treating our health conditions. The crowd of nearly twenty who attended learned about healing some very common as well as uncommon conditions without drugs or surgery. These include joint pain and emotional disorders, hormone decline as we age, injuries, and mental decline due to aging. Kieran discussed how to manage these so we can take charge and get more out of our lives.

Be sure to join us April 26th at the Waterfront Park Community Center when Aging Specialist Liz Taylor will be helping us answer the question “Who’s got your back?”  Will our kids step in and help when we become frail?  Or do they live far away?  Perhaps you never married.  What to do?  Liz discusses the possibilities and solutions.

The Power Hour starts at 10:30 AM and will wrap up at noon. Advanced registration is required to save your spot. Register online  or in person at the Waterfront Park Community Center, or at the Park District Office. Or call 206-842-1616.  The fee is $10.

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