Mary Porter, CNA (Bainbridge Island)

Mary Porter brings over 25 years of private care experience to Bailey Manor. As an integral part of the family experience here, she most enjoys listening to the stories of individual residents while developing relationships with each and every person she cares for. What makes work here so rewarding for Mary is not simply caring for others but the opportunity to offer them independent yet supported lifestyles. When not eliciting smiles and laughter at the Auburn house, she is walking her dog or settling down with a good book.

Kim Schwartz (Bainbridge Island)

Kim Schwartz began her career in caregiving by helping to assist an elderly family friend. With fond memories of this special experience, she continued her career as an assistant for a Visiting Nurse service. Working at Bailey Manor has given Kim the chance to enjoy the unique personalities that each resident and colleague brings to the table. Growing up in Ohio, the Pacific Northwest was a big change for her, but she now feels right at home with her new “family”. When not enjoying the company of the Bainbridge Island house residents, Kim bakes with her children, raises chinchillas and has a great time with scientific projects including their very own perpetual motion machine.

Shauna Rivers (Bainbridge Island)

Shauna Rivers thrives on being needed. As a seasoned caregiver she has worked in assisted living homes and nursing facilities as well as doing private home care for seniors and Autistic youth. From dinner to dancing and simply sharing a silly joke, Shauna loves spending time with her residents and takes great pride in caring for them to match their individual personalities. She is grateful for the close yet professional relationship she and the staff have with the owners of Bailey Manor, something she feels is an important part of the unique experience offered to residents and their families. When she is not at the Bainbridge Island house, Shauna and her husband support their children in football, cheer-leading, softball, basketball and many other sports and is deeply involved in her church community.